Drone Law

Johnston Tobey Baruch provides representation relating to the operation of drones in the state of Texas, otherwise known as drone law.  The firm represents both individuals and businesses regarding the legal consequences of drone use.  The firm evaluates issues ranging from local ordinances, to the Texas Privacy Act, to FAA regulations.

Johnston Tobey Baruch attorneys are well versed in technological and legal ramifications and limitations relating to the safe and lawful operation of drones for commercial and private use.

Our representation of individuals and businesses on the topic of drone law includes everything from advising on the legal consequences of a present operation or planned use of drones, to handling civil disputes, to advising on the rights and impact resulting from someone else’s use of a drone. We are well versed in the legal issues involving privacy, property, trespass, nuisance, and technology.

When it comes to dealing with how your rights and the rights of others are impacted by the use of drones, Johnston Tobey Baruch will work hard to make sure you are well prepared to deal with the new and ever changing intersection between the technology and law governing it.

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