Thanks D Magazine for calling my name…

D Magazine sings Randy Johnston’s praises and Randy sings right back after being named to the D Best Lawyers in Dallas Hall of Fame.

“D Best Ballad”

Inside every older lawyer there’s a young girl or boy,

Asking what the hell happened, how’d I get to this point?

I been doing this a while and had a fair amount of success.

Made some money along the way, found some wrongs to redress

Never quite felt that I knew all that I should

Hoping if I worked hard, someday I’d be good


Hoping someday they’d say, “look out, it’s her or its him,

That lawyer you can’t beat, the one that’ll win.”

Of course, that never happened, but hey, I can dream

Of the day they all say that the admissions are now deemed

And I really am good enough, though not as good as I think

In my mind I’m the best but at least I don’t stink


And so clients came and went, cases opened and close.

I got better at my job, made friends of some foes

I watched judges get younger, opponents get smarter.

The law change around me, keeping up got harder.

Mostly liked what it did but there were days when I didn’t.

Discovered law is an art and you make your own blueprint

But no one can deny that the hair’s turning gray.

That my eyes now have wrinkles, I think I like it that way.

And the judges who used to say “just get out here kid,”

Now compliment me, tell me how well I did.

And they want to know if I like to help their campaign

Give ‘em some of my money so they can rule against me again


But every once in a while, there’s a pat on the back

Someone recognizes you’ve been on the right track

You’ve done good work, helping clients who needed you

And the years that have passed have not defeated you

So thanks D Magazine, for calling my name

Along with all the others in your Best Lawyers Hall of Fame

– Randy Johnston