Wrongful Termination

Many people believe that they have been “wrongfully terminated.”  Texas recognizes wrongful termination only in a very narrow context, such as when an employee refuses to commit an act that would expose the employee to criminal penalties and then gets fired for that refusal.  This is often called a Sabine Pilot claim.

Otherwise, wrongful termination is an umbrella term used to cover the many types of situations in which an employee has been fired for illegal reasons.

When an employee believes he or she has been wrongfully terminated, the first thing to be done is to determine the reason for the firing—and whether it was illegal. Often, a person is fired unfairly. But, unfair and illegal are two different things.

If you contact a lawyer because you think you have been wrongfully terminated, be prepared to provide details that explain why you think the firing was illegal. Be prepared to answer pointed questions from the lawyer that will focus on determining whether the reason you think you got fired actually violates the law.

You can help your lawyer figure out if you have a good clam by preparing a detailed timeline of events and a list of people involved. That allows the lawyer to walk through the timeline with you and look at the facts to see if your facts fit into a category in which the lawyer can assert a claim on your behalf.

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, contact the attorneys at Johnston Tobey Baruch for an evaluation of your claims by clicking the Tell Us About Your Case button and selecting the Employment Law option.

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