Employment Law Counseling

Dallas law firm Johnston Tobey Baruch offers employment law counseling to individuals and business owners to help them understand how employment laws affect them. We sit down with our clients and walk through each client’s situation to clear the fog and clarify concerns.

Employment disputes are painful and far too often avoidable. Both employees and business owners can benefit from wise counsel and brutally honest advice that can keep them out of court. We strongly believe in the old axiom that “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.”

For employees, we can help negotiate employment terms before they start work, help review and draft their agreement before signing, and help avoid overly broad non-compete and non-solicitation agreements that can bite them later. When work disputes or claims arise later, we can help advise them of their rights and options, or prosecute their claims as needed. When they are fired or terminated, we can help negotiate and review severance packages, analyze options and guide them into or out of court.

For example, we often help physicians joining a new practice negotiate terms and formulate a written agreement that will help prevent subsequent disputes and unnecessary turmoil if that practice later ends or does not work out.

For business owners, we believe that smart and honest legal counseling up front can help them save money and headaches down the road. We counsel our business clients on how to navigate the maze of employment laws that might apply to their businesses. We review their workplace policies to insure those policies comply with current laws and regulations.  We help ensure that their employment contracts or non-compete and non-solicitation agreements comply with the Texas statutory requirements and are enforceable in court.

When employees need to be terminated, we advise on how to navigate the pitfalls that may be encountered. And, when needed, we are there to provide a legal defense.

If you have questions about employment laws, Johnston Tobey Baruch is ready to give you answers. We have a proven track record of solving employment law disputes and offering sound counsel in the area of employment law.

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