Defamation Claims

Dallas law firm Johnston Tobey Baruch represents individuals who pursue defamation claims.  These claims may arise from things that are said or written by someone else on television, in the newspaper, and now most commonly on the Internet.  For example, negative reviews on the Internet can form the basis of defamation claims.

Johnston Tobey Baruch also defends defamation cases.  There are now statutory defenses to defamation claims that protect people’s constitutional rights to free speech, to petition and to associate, such as the Texas Citizens Participation Act (anti-SLAPP Statute).  Defamation litigation is very complex. Randy Johnston, Robert Tobey, Coyt Johnston, and Chad Baruch are highly experienced with pursuing and defending defamation litigation.

An additional benefit of using Johnston Tobey Baruch to pursue defamation cases is that many are taken on a contingent fee basis rather than an hourly billing. This allows many potential clients to pursue a lawsuit to redress their grievances when they might otherwise not be able to afford representation.

Not every defamation case that is pursued qualifies for contingent fee representation. Firm attorneys must determine if they believe the facts of the case will allow both the client and the firm to make money out of it. Contact us today to determine if your case qualifies.

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