Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Fitzgerald


    Karen solves people problems.
    When you work, you work with people. When you own a business, you hire people. When people work together, problems exist. Karen solves those problems.

    Karen is a different kind of lawyer.  She’s happy.   She’s honest.  Great, but what does that mean for you?  You will get her candid assessment of your problem and her honest advice about your options.  She won’t tell you what you want to hear, she will tell you what you need to hear, including real world options.

    Sometimes, your choices will be good, sometimes “iffy”, and sometimes downright awful Karen will lay out your choices and your path forward.

    Karen’s approach is holistic. Legal proceedings are ugly and painful and not always worth it. You need to know what you are getting into, without sugar coating. So Karen will help you understand both the legal issues and the real world impact on your life and your business. You need a path forward, and Karen will help you make the right choices.

    Karen is experienced.  She has been practicing law since 1989.  (She’d prefer that you not do the math to figure out exactly how long she’s been practicing, but she’s gained a lot of experience in all of those years). She is Board Certified in Labor and Employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

    Karen defines success for her clients in more than just dollars and cents.  Sometimes, claims are very small.  Some are large. To Karen, the best result is when her client is satisfied with the outcome and fully understands it.

    Not all lawyers love what they do, but Karen does.  Karen enjoys guiding her clients through difficult situations and finding solutions for their problems. Karen takes the counseling part of her practice seriously, which is why she focuses so hard on giving her clients candid advice every step of the way.  If her clients understand what is happening in their cases and why, she’s doing her job right.

    Hiring a lawyer is tricky and intensely personal.  Not every lawyer is right for every person. If you are looking for a lawyer who will simply do what you tell her to do, Karen is not the right lawyer for you.  If you are looking for a lawyer to give you her attention and give you candid, yet caring advice, then talk to Karen.  

    Karen represents and counsels individuals and businesses about numerous employment issues that include:  

    • Discrimination claims of all types
    • Retaliation claims
    • ADAAA claims
    • Age Discrimination claim
    • Overtime/wage and hour claims
    • Equal pay claims
    • Employment contract claims
    • Family and Medical Leave Act claims
    • Unpaid wages, bonuses and commissions
    • Misappropriation and theft of trade secrets claims
    • Analysis of severance agreements
    • Analysis of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
    • Drafting and analysis of employment contracts
    • Drafting and analysis of physician employment agreements

    Karen hopes that her clients never need to sue but when they do, Karen is ready to aggressively protect her client’s rights.

    Karen also helps her business clients comply with state and federal laws and, when necessary, terminate employees wisely.  Though problems occur in every business, not every problem should cause a lawsuit.  Karen’s goal is to make sure that her business clients don’t get sued by their employees. If sued, however, Karen stands ready to provide an aggressive defense.

    Karen has been named a “Super Lawyer” in the Texas Monthly Super Lawyer’s Edition for every year since 2005.  Karen has also been named as a “Best Lawyer in Dallas” in Labor and Employment Law. She is recognized as a Best Lawyer in Employment Law-Individuals and Litigation-Labor and Employment in The Best Lawyers in America 2018 Edition as well as a 2017 Super Lawyer in Employment Litigation: Plaintiff.

    Karen is also valued as a neutral arbitrator and serves as a “Neutral” on the American Arbitration Association’s Employment Law panel, www.adr.org.

    Besides her employment law expertise, Karen has a broad based commercial litigation and business litigation background.  

    Karen frequently speaks on all kinds of different topics related to employment law and arbitration.  

    Karen thinks it is really important to have fun in your life.  For her, that means eating some dark chocolate and getting at least one good belly laugh every day.  When she is not practicing law, Karen is usually doing CrossFit, riding her bicycle, or reading a really good book because those things are fun too.

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    Equal Pay

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    Non-Compete Agreements

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