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Chad Baruch


    Few Texas lawyers can match Chad Baruch’s extraordinarily broad experience. In the legal arena, he is a recognized constitutional scholar, legal writing expert, and continuing legal educator.

    Throughout his legal career, Chad has also been active in the community as a college and high school basketball coach, high school administrator, private investigator, and award-winning teacher of political science and government.


    Chad Baruch is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

    He brings his knowledge of constitutional and appellate law matters, plus his depth of life experience, to the Johnston Tobey Baruch team as a shareholder of the firm. The team is now complete with expertise from the outset of a case through to an appeal.

    “Our firm solves a multitude of problems for clients through internal discussion,” says firm founder Robert Tobey. “Chad brings intensity, knowledge and expertise to the discussion from the appellate perspective.”

    Chad is recognized as an excellent writer. Recently, he wrote and submitted a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of several high profile rap artists and several university professors on First Amendment issues. Because of this case, Chad was quoted in Texas Lawyer, the Dallas Morning News and several music magazines. One newspaper called his brief “the greatest amicus brief in Supreme Court history.”

    Chad also presented two oral arguments before the Texas Supreme Court in 2015.

    In the past couple of years, Chad also has:

    • Successfully represented the Office of the Dallas County District Attorney in the appeal of a contempt of court finding against the DA, obtaining reversal and a judgment of acquittal;
    • Served as Special Prosecutor for the State of Texas in the appeal of a criminal case involving fraud charges against a high-profile criminal defendant;
    • Successfully argued the appeal establishing that ownership rights to the original grave marker of Lee Harvey Oswald will be determined in Texas, rather than Illinois;
    • Represented the family of a murder victim in seeking to have her killer, made famous by a hit movie, returned to complete his life sentence;
    • Won the 2015 State Bar of Texas Gene Cavin Award, awarded to one Texas attorney each year for lifetime contributions to continuing legal education in Texas;
    • Won the 2015 Texas Bar Foundation’s Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award, given each year to one Texas lawyer who exemplifies excellence in legal writing and commitment to the legal profession;
    • Served as Chair of the Texas Bar College, the organization charged by the Supreme Court of Texas with improving professionalism among Texas attorneys through promotion of continuing legal education.

    Chad focuses his practice on constitutional and appellate law matters. He is an award-winning speaker on appellate advocacy and legal writing, and has served on the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas as well as the State Bar College. In recognition of Chad’s commitment to justice for all Texans, the Texas Access to Justice Commission named him a Pro Bono Champion.

    Chad has spoken on appellate writing at the Texas College for Judicial Studies, the National Summit of Appellate Judges Education Institute, the Annual Conference of Texas Appellate Staff Attorneys, and at a host of legal seminars.

    He is licensed to practice in Wisconsin as well as Texas.

    Chad was recognized on the Thomson Reuters list of Texas Super Lawyers and the D Magazine list of Best Lawyers in Dallas for 2011-2016, and in Best Lawyers in America (Woodward & White 2015-2016). He is recognized as a Best Lawyer in Appellate Practice in The Best Lawyers in America 2018 Edition and is also a 2017 Super Lawyer in Appellate law.

    Chad Baruch received his B.A. in political science from the University of Minnesota, and his J.D. from the University of Minnesota Law School, where he was a Royal Stone Scholar. He also completed the Principals’ Institute at Harvard University.

    Committed to his clients, respected by his peers, and devoted to justice for all, Chad is an appellate lawyer whose approach and experience make a difference.

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    Speaking Engagements

    Chad Baruch is one of the most frequent and popular legal education speakers in Texas. Chad has given more than 150 continuing legal education presentations on a variety of topics across the country.

    Among Chad’s numerous awards for legal education are the 2015 State Bar of Texas Gene Cavin Award (presented annually to one attorney for lifetime contributions to continuing legal education in Texas), the inaugural 2015 Helen Cassidy Award (presented annually to one attorney for lifetime contributions to continuing legal education in the field of appellate law), and multiple awards for individual presentations.

    In addition to presenting to attorneys, Chad has spoken to judicial conferences about legal writing. He has presented at the Texas Judges School, the Conference of Texas Appellate Staff Attorneys, and the National Appellate Judges Education Institute.

    To book Chad Baruch to speak to your group, contact us at 214-741-6260 or

    Among Chad’s frequent recurring presentations are the following:

    • Legal Writing: Lessons from the Bestseller List
    • Back to the Beginning: Marbury v. Madison and the Roots of Judicial Review
    • The Roberts Court and the Bill of Rights
    • The Drafting of the Constitution
    • United States Supreme Court Update
    • Appellate Advocacy from A to Z